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Why Subversion is not a complete way to update WordPress

While Wordpress offers the functionality of upgrading core files, themes and plugins via the Dashboard, this feature cannot be used with some webhosts who are keen on security. Upgrading via FTP is time-consuming and error prone. FTP is also not very secure. To quote one webhost, “Its 2012, and you shouldn’t be using FTP for anything.” Subversion offers the promise of one-click one-command, lightning-fast, server side upgrades. Is Subversion the way to go or has Subversion yet to grow up for the casual Wordpress user?

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What is a Creative Commons License and why you should use one

With the rise of digital media and the Internet, reproducing copyrighted material has become stupendously easy. If you create digital content, and if you acknowledge (and maybe appreciate) the easily reproducible nature of digital media, you can modify your traditional copyright to be less adversarial towards those who will share your content by using a Creative Commons License. This post gives introductory information on how to do the same.

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How to convert documents into PDFs, and how to split existing PDFs….for free!

While the base version of Adobe Acrobat starts at a price $299 USD, you can convert documents that support printing to PDF into PDFs for free using Acronis CutePDF Writer. You can also use CutePDF Writer to split pre-existing PDFs. First, download and install the free Acronis CutePDF Writer as well as the free open… Continue reading How to convert documents into PDFs, and how to split existing PDFs….for free!