techtangerine Meditations and Musings on Tech

What to consider before buying a GPS device

Not all GPS devices are created equal. Some will give you seamless service for years to come whereas others may end up in an Kijiji fire sale, a testament to your lack of diligence. This article provides some essential considerations to be made before purchasing a GPS device.

An Introduction to Linux, for Windows n00bs

When I first started considering Linux, I could not obtain answers to some very basic questions. Neither Wikipedia nor the Linux documentation were of much help. This article intends to fill those gaps. It is intended for Windows users who are considering Linux for the first time. This article is non-technical and fairly opinionated as opposed to those consensus driven Wiki articles.

Wallpapers themed on original Mughal Paintings

Based on the design guidelines outlined in a previous post, I have created some more wallpapers themed on original Mughal paintings. I have taken three original Mughal paintings and used image editing software to combine various aesthetic elements.

Optimised Wallpaper for your Desktop!

Desktop wallpaper is meant to increase the functionality of the Desktop. And not meant to be artistic or distracting. Here is a wallpaper that is specially optimised for your Desktop.