The AI Endgame

  1. Spend huge amounts of public and private money to repackage preexisting computer algorithms as AI.
  2. Have Universities and Corporations hire hordes of intelligent people from poor countries to work on refining AI (Hint: If you are in a Western country, check out all the new hires in your local Universtity’s Computer Science Department).
  3. Refine the AI by having it parse the entire known worldwide web, all of the books uploaded to, Google® books and all journals available online (without paying any dues to the copyright holders).
  4. Aggressively promote AI, even on a multi-government level, as a substitute to human intelligence.
  5. Let the plebs play with AI and “see its abilities for themselves.” (ChatGPT®).
    • Never mind that AI is limited to parsing textual data and falls on its ass when asked to draw images.
    • Never mind the fact that even AI is appropriately censored to provide politically correct responses for sensitive topics (“There is no genocide of Uyghurs in China,” “9/11 was not an inside job,” “Covid-19 was not made in a lab.”). How intelligent is that?
    • Also, never mind that AI is bad for the environment as it requires huge computing resources.
  6. Hype Hype Hype.
  7. Why are there no jobs for us? (Only #4 is promoted as the correct answer)
    1. The Covid-19 scam has seriously undermined the economy.
    2. Governments printing money without checks and balances has created serious inflation, which may never be curtailed.
    3. The Middle class is being eviscerated as part of a pre-planned strategy.
    4. AI took our jobs. 😡 
  8. Why is there no more quality content online?
    1. AI is generating all the content (But never mind the fact that there was rarely any good content even before AI).
  9. Create additional fear:
    • AI can launch nukes.
    • AI can kill us all.
    • The killer robots are coming.
    • AI is being used for misinformation (Duh, taxpayer-funded Intelligence Agencies have buildings full of people just for that).
  10. Create a fake resistance against AI.
  11. Ban the plebs from using AI.
  12. Only humans are to be allowed to get online, not AI.
  13. In order to ensure this, all humans getting online must have some kind of digital ID to verify that they are indeed human and not AI.
    • But wait, a government issued digital ID could be misused by bad governments……
  14. We have the perfect solution for you… about a UN issued digital ID, which just happens to be ready for adoption? It also happens to be linked to your passport, your bank account and all your transactions.

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