How to convert documents into PDFs, and how to split existing PDFs….for free!

While the base version of Adobe Acrobat starts at a price $299 USD, you can convert documents that support printing to PDF into PDFs for free using Acronis CutePDF Writer. You can also use CutePDF Writer to split pre-existing PDFs.

First, download and install the free Acronis CutePDF Writer as well as the free open source converter provided.

After installation, you will notice a new entry called CutePDF Writer in the section that allows you to choose a printer when printing a document.

To convert a document to PDF (provided that it supports printing to PDF), simply select CutePDF Writer as your printer and hit print. You will be asked where to save the new PDF file and what you want to name it.

To split a pre-existing PDF file, open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader and print it the same way as above. But this time, specify the page(s) you want to print.

As an economical alternative to the basic version of Adobe Acrobat, Acronis CutePDF Professional is recommended.


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  1. Handy Carry says:

    Have you ever try to split your PDF in mulipages PDF files? Sometimes it is necessary to split a large PDF documents by email a few pages someone rather than the entire file. Fortunately, Adobe Acrobat, you can split PDF files into one or more smaller documents. Don’t here is better solution, try Kernel for PDF Split and Merge tool to split large PDF file and merge multiple PDF files into one.


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