A Redditor Laments on the Destruction of Reddit

A Reddit user going by the moniker aaaa222 put up an interesting post in r/conspiracy 26 days ago, on how Reddit’s culture of being a geek meritocracy was being undermined by dark forces. He claims that the post disappeared after it gained a lot of traction (and then suddenly reappeared). We are preserving his post here for the day when Reddit will be posthumously remembered as another Digg.

1) The first thing they did was take away r/all.

This took away the only tool for communicating with reddit about reddit. If you had any concerns about the website as a whole, you could address them through r/all. Taking that away was the first step.

2) The power now resided in individual subreddits, obviously the most popular ones. There was a power grab to become moderators of these subreddits.

I remember as the upcoming election loomed, all of a sudden, r/circlejerk (one of the old default subreddits) became completely obsessed with bashing Ron Paul. I am not even a RP supporter, but that was definitely orchestrated, and NOT by some kids trying to be funny. Watch this short doc and tell me reddit wasn’t added into the equation. Once again, I do not support RP, I just find this example very fascinating.

3) Once the subreddits were controlled, drastic changes began to occur.

I remember when r/IAma was open to anyone and the popularity was decided by voting. Now it is nothing more than a cheap place for celebrities to whore out their products and you need to be “approved”.

4) The appearance of shills soon became VERY apparent.

All of a sudden new accounts started popping up out of nowhere, cue the birth of r/HailCorporate. Also, around this time, “feel good” military posts started appearing, like a soldier coming home to his dog. From brand new accounts that never posted again.

5) Now we have blatant censorship on r/news, r/worldnews etc… saying that X site is not allowed.

What ever happened to letting people vote on the content of this website?

6) All of the proper “checks and balances” are now in place.

So now we are being fed an anti-Muslim/Islam/Russian/India smear campaign weekly. The amount of stories that demonize these groups is sickening to witness. And with minimal research you can see that most of them are hyperbole, sensationalized, and sometimes outright fiction.

But thats okay, when something goes against the “US is good” narrative, every detail is examined and the slightest inconsistency is used to dismiss the entire story. But that diligence disappears when the story is bashing somewhere else. And those who point it out are downvoted out of sight.

And people will say “What are you talking about, people are constantly bashing the US in every thread”.

Yes that is absolutely true. Because those people have decided to even out the score. When you have hundreds of fake accounts moving the narrative in a certain direction, then it is essential for people to come out and loudly counter-balance the propaganda.

It wasn’t always like this. A few years ago, there were just as many disagreements and differences of opinion on reddit, but they were REAL. And the site was still a democracy. People voted and things swung from side to side, everybody learned in the end.

Now we have a completely one-sided mess that pretends to be democratic but is quickly becoming the Fox News of the internet.

And I believe this can essentially be boiled down to greed. Reddit gets billions of views. The people who run reddit are not the “cool bloggers” they try to portray themselves as. There is a head running things, and it is sinister and they are making A LOT of money, and have A LOT of power, and A LOT of influence.

And they know it. You should too.

EDIT: What reddit used to be compared to what it is today. Notice how this site used to actually produce REAL positive changes in the REAL world.

This was the peak in 2011: An anonymous Redditor exposed The Elan School, an abusive boarding school in Maine, which was then shut down.



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