When a Meme is worth a thousand words

Sometimes a meme is worth a thousand words….like this one.

In short, whoever hacked this up has an astute political eye, and aptly summarized the Gullibility of supporting America’s supposed export of Freedom®. While the former Soviet Union exclusively exported and supported Communist movements, American intervention is usually conducted in vague terms, such as supporting “Democracy” or fighting “Terrorism.” What they accomplish always seems to be obfuscated by design, because America is usually not the immediate beneficiary, politically or economically. Here are some contemporary misadventures the meme is based on.

  • American Intervention in Taliban Afghanistan: When they had ridden the Taliban to extinction, they propped up a fake Pakistan-based Taliban to keep the show going, much to the irritation of the Afghans.
  • American Intervention in Iraq: No comment required.
  • American Intervention in South Vietnam: Gave the North Vietnamese due cause to advance south, resulting in the complete annihilation of South Vietnam. Meanwhile, American forces in South Vietnam seemed to have ran out of condoms and left behind an entire generation of mixed race babies.
  • American Intervention in Bosnia: This was called a humanitarian intervention, aimed at swatting genocidal, baby-killing Serbs, and it did scare them. But conspiracy theorists insist that it was necessary to prevent Jihadists from overrunning the entire region themselves. There was no 9/11 back then, so with continued Serb aggression, the Jihadists were becoming increasingly populist. The war had to be called off using these means.
  • Libya: A once stable but despotic regime replaced by a fractured, war torn country, with its economy in shambles.

However, not all American Intervention involves F-16s F-35s. America is tacitly supporting the so-called Arab Spring through other means. And close to home (as in South America), direct intervention is not required because the residents of these countries cannot muster the means to stand up to a sanguinary organization like the CIA. And American intervention in these regions is thus unnoticed. In other words, the people of the Middle East should be grateful they are not geographically located near America, or they would have been Panama’d a long time ago.



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  1. Nigel J Watson says:

    Think you might have meant ‘sanguinary,’ eh?

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