Some Rare Analysis on San Francisco’s Homelessness Crisis

Sometimes, a single anonymous comment will contain all the necessary analysis for what is to the rest of the world, an unreported phenomena. In a comment that garnished 3400 upvotes and numerous awards, a Redditor gives an insider account of the homelessness crisis of some American cities like San Francisco. Given how America has apathetically given up on a large segment of its own citizens, is it rational for other countries to expect it to deliver “democracy?”

Also every nearby city that has “solved” its homelessness crisis is just busing their homeless population to SF with one way tickets. homeless people have no chances left really. housing is just too expensive, and the only places they don’t get arrested for camping outside are cities like SF, LA, Seattle, etc, where heroin is wildly available and inexpensive. Opiates don’t just kill physical pain, they kill emotional pain too. Heroin makes “being a homeless addict who steals detergent as a living” a not-so-bad lifestyle. They can keep drowning their “is this really my life now” feelings with more heroin and keep going. They don’t want to get better because why would they? Getting better means living as a poor and emotionally traumatized American, slaving away for min wage, living in a house with ten people, being in constant medical / college / credit card debt.

just a dumb rant but i really am not at all surprised people are camping on the street and stealing Tide. The economic bottom bracket of our society has no real reason to live. The best life they can hope for is heroin for a few years until dead. We won’t help them, there’s no work for them, they aren’t worth anything to our economy, there’s no social safety net to save them, and if they live in a small town they’re either constantly getting arrested for “loitering” or they’re being put on a bus with a one way ticket to San Francisco where they can really get in touch with their urban opiate apocalypse lifestyle.

I know there are some who would like to blame “Capitalism.” But California has a proto-Communist Governor. Is this some kind of long-term strategy to create a Proletariat that would take on the middle class? Interestingly, the city of New York (which is part of another Blue State) seems to be following a similar formula, much the bewilderment of foreign tourists, who expect to find the best of USA in these two cities.


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