Don’t let your Job define You

In a very brief post that gathered more than 21,000 upvotes and 1800 comments, Redditor RedPlanit expresses his disgust with dragging jobs into social situations. To quote,

I never want to talk about work in a social situation. I am not defined by my job. I do it for money, not because I enjoy it. In the few waking hours I’m not at work, don’t talk to me about it!

Dig into your brain and think of something, anything, to talk about that doesn’t revolve around work culture! I get that a minuscule amount of people have their dream job or managed to turn their hobbies into profitable means of employment, but the vast majority of the working class are not in that same boat! Stop immediately asking people what they do for a living when you meet them.”oh but I’m just trying to find something to relate to them on” Nope you’re just a shit conversationalist or subconsciously trying to figure out how much respect you want to give a person after determining their space in society based off their career.


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