Ten Reasons Why Cloud Computing is a Bad Idea

Ten Reasons Why Cloud Computing is a Bad Idea Ten Reasons Why Cloud Computing is a Bad Idea

Five cases that highlight “evil” at Google

Five cases that highlight “evil” at Google Five cases that highlight “evil” at Google

Visualizing Wordpress

Visualizing Wordpress Visualizing Wordpress

A Redditor Laments on the Destruction of Reddit

A Redditor Laments on the Destruction of Reddit A Redditor Laments on the Destruction of Reddit

Guess Who Hates the Bitcoin?

Guess Who Hates the Bitcoin? Guess Who Hates the Bitcoin?

Remembering when Tesla Motors was called a Scam

Remembering when Tesla Motors was called a Scam Remembering when Tesla Motors was called a Scam
  • Remembering when Tesla Motors was called a Scam

    Author: | Date: 2014.11.29 | Category: Cars and Planes, Trends | Response: 0

    On June 29th 2010, Tesla Motors became the first American automaker to go public since the Ford Motor Company in 1956. It is now a profitable company and a force to reckon with in the automotive industry. But just a few years ago, Tesla was being downplayed by the mainstream media, while bloggers affiliated with […]

  • Interesting Comments on the New Generation F-35 Fighter Plane

    Author: | Date: 2014.11.23 | Category: Cars and Planes, Scams | Response: 0

    The successor to the F-16 fighter plane, the F-35 has attracted some serious controversy, primarily on account of its cost. The following are some very interesting comments that I stumbled upon.

  • Guess Who Hates the Bitcoin?

    Author: | Date: 2014.01.19 | Category: Cryptocurrency, Trends | Response: 1

    The writing is on the wall. The Powers That Be Hate the Bitcoin. But if in case that is not clear, here are some instances which indicate their dislike of the Bitcoin.

  • A Redditor Laments on the Destruction of Reddit

    Author: | Date: 2014.01.05 | Category: Internet Subculture | Response: 1

    A Reddit user going by the moniker aaaa222 put up an interesting post in r/conspiracy 26 days ago, on how Reddit’s culture of being a geek meritocracy was being undermined by dark forces. He claims that the post disappeared after it gained a lot of traction (and then suddenly reappeared). We are preserving his post here for the day when Reddit will be posthumously remembered as another Digg.

  • Upgrading the iPhone 3GS to iOS 6.1 while preserving baseband using Jailbreak; a Flowchart

    Author: | Date: 2013.02.13 | Category: Mobile | Response: 0

    A flowchart that simplifies the complex procedure of upgrading an iPhone 3GS to iOS 6.1, while preserving the baseband (modem firmware), so that it can be SIM unlocked once it is jail-broken.

  • WordPress and the Shared Hosting Environment

    Author: | Date: 2012.12.09 | Category: Wordpress | Response: 1

    While Wordpress continues to thrive in the shared hosting environment, the limitations of such an environment are sparsely documented. This article intends to bridge that gap.

  • Continuous Ink Systems Come of Age

    Author: | Date: 2012.11.23 | Category: Inkjets | Response: 2

    Continuous Ink Systems have come a far way. But they still aren’t mainstream. And they are unlikely to be, given that no inkjet printer manufacturer is willing to make a printer dedicated to a Continuous Ink System. But the niche continues to grow. Here are some tips for potential Continuous Ink System adoptees, as well existing Continuous Ink System users.

  • Visualizing WordPress

    Author: | Date: 2012.08.14 | Category: Wordpress | Response: 3

    Newcomers and converts to Wordpress usually find themselves baffled over how Wordpress interlopes with other server-side components such as PHP and MySQL. While its true that understanding Wordpress’ relationship with PHP and MySQL is not neccessary for operating a Wordpress site, there are those of us who want to peek under the hood. The following is an attempt to better visualize Wordpress by blurring the boundary between art and abstraction.

  • Why WordPress should be served Cached

    Author: | Date: 2012.03.12 | Category: Wordpress | Response: 4

    The biggest strength of Wordpress is its dynamic nature. A browser view of a Wordpress website is like a “skin” which interfaces with dynamic components under the hood. But once a Wordpress website starts growing, this also becomes the biggest weakness of Wordpress. The “skin” becomes overloaded with more and more dynamic components. and a simple pageview becomes acrimonious for the server, as it struggles to deliver a “freshly prepared skin” to the browser for each and every page view. On the user end, the lag becomes noticeable. When it comes to self-hosting Wordpress, Caching is an inevitability.

  • Subversion for a Casual WordPress User…Promises and Challenges

    Author: | Date: 2012.02.03 | Category: Wordpress | Response: 2

    Subversion offers many promises for casual Wordpress users, such as the ability to update Wordpress using a single shell command. But many underlying challenges also remain. This post examines what makes the lure of Subversion so strong for Wordpress users while thoroughly discussing the challenges the author faced in an experimental deployment of Subversion. Subversion clients are also discussed. The article concludes with a “wish-list” for the ideal theoretical Subversion client.

  • Why Subversion is not a complete way to update WordPress

    Author: | Date: 2012.01.29 | Category: How to, Reviews, Trends, Wordpress | Response: 10

    While Wordpress offers the functionality of upgrading core files, themes and plugins via the Dashboard, this feature cannot be used with some webhosts who are keen on security. Upgrading via FTP is time-consuming and error prone. FTP is also not very secure. To quote one webhost, “Its 2012, and you shouldn’t be using FTP for anything.” Subversion offers the promise of one-click one-command, lightning-fast, server side upgrades. Is Subversion the way to go or has Subversion yet to grow up for the casual Wordpress user?

  • Piwigo and Zenphoto; a Comparative Review

    Author: | Date: 2012.01.15 | Category: Reviews, Wordpress | Response: 20

    A comparative review of two major Open Source web-based photo galleries, Piwigo 2.3.2 and Zenphoto

  • HP’s dreaded “Ink System Failure”

    Author: | Date: 2011.12.15 | Category: Inkjets | Response: 43

    There have been numerous cases of an “ink System Failure” message popping up on HP inkjets. To give an extent of the problem, typing in “HP” and “Ink System Failure” throws up 340,000 results in Google. There appears to be no clear solution.

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